Hello everyone,

This is Dinesh Patel and BR Choudhary welcoming you to our one of a kind social media platform- Knitter!

We would like to personally tell you how knitter came to be and what Knitter is all about.

Just like any other young graduates from our country, we set out into the world to make it big and make a name for ourselves. But we just could not get over the fact that after struggling hard to receive education, we could not use it to benefit Our Homes-Our Villages. This thorn in our minds made us leave the conventional path, trying to set up something that can benefit not only us but the whole of India. But coming up with an idea that can change the lives of people is not an easy task. After months of hard work and research, what we got was an idea for a platform that unites people. And not just random people; people at the bottom of the hierarchy, Rural Indians. Thus began our journey to connect rural India through the medium called Knitter.

“I want to see every village in India become independent and self sustained. This for me is true development”


Founder of Knitter
social platform
social platform

“I wanted to do something for my community and village; with Knitter I am giving Indians an oppurtunity to help each other make a better tomorrow”


Founder of Knitter



At the heart of Knitter is the idea, that we as a part of the society need to commit to our responsibilities towards its betterment. Not only do we promote social awareness through our app but also in our workplace environment.


Trust is an important value Knitter aims to incorporate not just among our employees but also among people all around the world. We believe that with trust comes ability to work collective towards a common goal.


Having diversity at the organisation is important as it can converge various cultures, ideas and people bringing out the best in everyone. Knitter is a representation of villages from all the corners of India.


To accomplish anything in life, we need to work hard and learn never to give up. The perseverance and dedication of the people behind Knitter is what gives the organisation its identity.


We are problem solvers who believe that active leadership is the way to extract value from our resources. We encourage our employees to be thought leaders and inculcate the habit of leading by example.

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Villages, for far too long, have been dependent on the administration to solve their local issues. Thus villages have become disconnected from the overall development that takes place in the country. Knitter will bridge that gap by connecting villagers within Gram Panchayats and empowering them with the technology to inter-connect. Knitter wishes to create a rural social network that can improve dialogue not only among villages but between the government and the village as well. Knitter will empower villages to become independent and the villagers to become a close knit community that support each other.


There are tons of social networking application to choose from.
So WHY would you want to be on KNITTER?

Knitter, though a social medium, is unique in the crowd it caters. Our focus is exclusively the rural population. We target a demography that is neglected on the social front.

A platform that allows villagers to interact with one another, sharing information and staying connected, knitter is the network that will help villages speak and become an integrated community. Knitter provides a common ground for the exchange of information where both the people and the government can work together to bring about real change. This will not only help villages and Gram panchayats but also serve the government to reach remote villages around the country. The problem varies from village to village and among villages from different states.

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