Having trouble accessing the features of our website or mobile app? Not to worry!

We have a few questions that might pop up in your head. Go through the categories to get your question answered ASAP.

App Login

What is my login ID ?

The phone number that you have used to register on the mobile app will be your Login ID. You can use this any time you want to login to Knitter.

Can I sign in with a phone number where the sim is not put in the phone ?

If you are a new user you will need to have the sim inserted in the same phone or any other phone. Make sure that the phone is ON when you register as you will receive an OTP to the same number.

You can login with a number that may not be in use as you don’t need an OTP to login.

How do I change my Login ID ?

In order to change the login ID, you must first login with your existing login ID. Go to the setting page where you will find the option “Change login ID’. It will ask you to enter your existing login ID, password and ask you to enter new login ID.

Remember: Keep the new phone number active as it will receive the OTP for authentication.

How do I recover my password ?

In case you know your Login ID but have forgotten your password you may click on the option ‘forgot password’. This will redirect you to a page that asks you to enter your registered mobile number. A system generated link will be sent to your registered mobile number. Through this link you may change your password.

How do I recover login ID ?

If you are logging in from another phone, make sure the number that you registered with is kept ON as the OTP will be sent there. On entering the OTP you can get access to the profile. However in case the phone number is not active you would not be able to recover it.

Creating Profile

Can anyone create a profile on Knitter ?

To create an account you need to be residing in rural areas or if you have permanent residence in a village but moved to a city for education or work. People who do not have rural roots cannot have an account on Knitter.

What is the audio recording slot in the profile page for ?

The audio upload option is a special feature of Knitter where you can record a small 30 second audio clip. In this audio clip, you will be required to say something about yourself for others to hear. The clip will be monitored for the type of language used. If the language used is not appropriate for the website then it may be removed.

Who all can see my profile and how can I control it ?

On knitter the profile is generally restricted to the resident village and nearby villages. At most the level of gram panchayat may be included. So your profile cannot be view by people outside your district. You can further restrict who views your profile by visiting the settings page, under the tab privacy.

Where can I change my preferred language after login ?

After login, click on the side navigation bar and click on the settings option When you go into settings you can see a change language option. Click on it and change your preference.

How can I change my mobile number on knitter ?

Follow the bellow listed simple steps to change the mobile number on knitter

• After login, click on the side navigation bar and click on the settings option

• When you go into settings you can see a change login id option.

• You are initiated to type the password

• After typing the password, another page opens to enter your phone number

• Enter the phone number and click next Enter the otp and then the mobile number is successfully changed

How can I change my village on knitter ?

Follow the bellow listed simple steps to change the village. After login, click on the side navigation bar and click on the settings option. When you go into settings you can see a change village option. Select your preferred state, district, block and village and click on the save button

Am I eligible to have a verified account ?

The officials who represent people in one way or the other are authorized to have a verified account. These officials, for instance, could be the Sarpanch, School Principal, BDO or Doctors, etc.

App Features

Can I add a village that I want to follow to my favourite list?

The users can mark any four villages as their favourite excluding their own village. This can be done by clicking on the star, on the top left corner of the screen.

Can I view post from villages other than mine?

The users can view or search for other villages from the list of all the villages available on the Knitter platform. They users can see all the posts and pages of the village searched.

Why is my village not available on Knitter?

Your village may not be available on Knitter because of one of the underlying reasons

a) Your village has not been added to knitter, as yet

b) If the Pachayat Samiti has more than one village with the same name, then those villages will not be available on Knitter to avoid confusion

Can I send a friend request to someone who is not in my village ?

Yes you can search for other people that you know who are not from your village. You can send them a friend request, but can contact them only once they have accepted your request.


How do I use the booking and renting services from Knitter ?

Once you have signed in, you arrive at your homepage. The first two tiles after the slides show the booking and renting option. You have the option of renting equipment from other farmers and CHC’s while also booking equipment for rent.

How do I Book my equipment ?

Once you have decided on the equipment, log in to Knitter app. In the app homepage you’ll find two options; one for booking equipment and the other for renting your equipment. On clicking the booking equipment button you’ll be asked to register your land. On completing the process, you can now choose the land. On choosing the land the option for booking tool will appear on the screen. Select the tools you require and confirm your requirement.