The equipment is generally inaccessible and also, the requirement is seasonal. A productive way is to get the work done at affordable costs. Marginal farmers cannot afford to buy expensive equipment and tools for their farms. It will be much easier for them, if this equipment can be attained at affordable costs for a period of time. Knitter allows their users to put up their equipment for contract or rent so that all the farmers who are in need of it can be equally benefited and could save the initial costs of investment.


Equipment hiring made faster and easier.

There is a significant requirement of equipment for agriculture for better yield. Through the knitter platform, users will be able to rent equipment with just a few clicks of a button.

Rent equipment at lower costs.

The farmers require equipment for agriculture, and they will expect a lower price either on an hourly basis or for a particular period. Through knitter, farmers will now be able to hire equipment for a fixed period of time at sustainable costs.

The equipment need not be kept idle.

The equipment is a need for all the farmers. Through knitter, the users will now be able to rent equipment to other farmers so that the equipment is not lying idle and meanwhile other farmers can benefit from it.

Guidelines to choose seeds for the type of soil.

The farmers are not often aware of which crop is suitable for the soil in their fields. Knitter platform will help the farmers by providing them assistance to analyze the soil type and give them the right suggestion in terms of the seeds and manure to be used.

Assistance to sell end product.

It is very much necessary for the farmers to be able to reach the right market so that get the best profit for their yield. Through knitter, farmers will be able to find the market near them and convenient to them to sell their end product.