Local business provides the basic amenities to its consumers required for their everyday life. Without proper advertising and no stable platform, it is difficult to expand business and reach out to consumers. It is necessary for people to know about the various businesses in their town for an easier and a much convenient lifestyle. Knitter allows Local business owners to create a page of their new venture, which will help them to spread the word about what they deal with, and hence keep the villagers posted about the developments in the village.


Create page for your business.

It is very important to have a business page when a new venture is started. On knitter, users will have the option to open a business page and maintain every detail of their business to reach all the consumers of the village.

Answer to queries.

There can be any kind of queries that often rises in the minds of the consumers relating to any new establishment. On knitter, users will be able to post queries relating to the products or job vacancies, on the business page.

Promote your business to the target user.

It is necessary to reach the right audience with the business to increase the sales and to expand the business as well. Through business pages on knitter, the business owners will be able to promote their business and make the consumers aware of all the available products.