Chat & Video

There might be several situations wherein, a one-on-one conversation is necessary rather than to get the word out. it could be varied matters of business or several other aspects of business and development, the access to having private discussions and conversations is of utmost importance on any internet community. Like any other social media platform knitter gives the privilege to chat and audio/video calling, not just within the boundaries of a particular village, but with every village that is brought together by this platform.



To provide the service of chat is a fundamental requirement. It allows people to have a personal or business conversation as per their requirement. Knitter also provides the feature of personal messaging for all its users.


The provision of audio and video calling is just as much necessary for business or personal use. Knitter platform accommodates the feature of audio and video calling for its users.

Group Call

Group calling helps to connect and talk to several acquaintances who live in different places. Knitter provides the feature of group calling where users of different villages or the same village can get together in a group call and talk.

Go Live

To go live allows users to connect immediately with all the other users of a platform. On knitter, the users will be able to go live and share their thoughts or share events specific to their village instantly.