The government represents people. Giving a verified account on every social media platform prioritizes them. Being remote, some villages often find it more difficult to communicate regarding their needs and requirements. And this is why they always have to struggle a little harder for a better livelihood. Providing them with a mode to communicate can certainly relieve them from a lot of difficulties. Through knitter, the users will be given an added advantage to directly address to each one of these government officials individually and voice their concerns.


Verified accounts.

It is necessary to provide all the government officials with a verified account. Knitter platform also provides every government representative with a verified account so they are recognized and can be communicated with easily.

All the relevant representatives at your fingertips.

It is of utmost importance to be able to talk to your representatives as and when needed. This is the best way to make them aware of all the demands and requirements. On knitter, all the villagers can directly communicate with their representatives and be heard to, whenever they need.

Posts from officials.

The officials also need to interact with the general public to know if they are comfortable and all their requirements are met. On the platform of knitter, the government officials will also be able to post about every important news that all the villages can be benefitted from and also interact with them from time to time.