Questions & Answers

Sharing knowledge has helped mankind survive and evolve. With that being said, every individual having varied subjects of interests, has acquired knowledge relating to one thing or the other. People might often come across situations to which they need assistance. It might be as simple as filling a form or issues relating to any kind of rules and regulations or issues relating to schemes and policies or it could be doubts and queries relating to the affairs of day-to-day lives. Knitter is one such platform that encourages villagers to raise queries, to which anyone with a fair knowledge of it can help.


Assistance with problems in day-to-day activities.

The villagers may find the need for help for some of the activities pertaining to bank, hospital or school. With the help of knitter, all such queries can be posted and the villagers will get all the necessary help.

Job vacancy related queries.

It is necessary to have a job to fulfill the everyday expenses and have a stable life. Knitter will allow its users to post about job vacancies and any villager in need of the job can easily apply.

Sales related queries.

We often sell any of the commodities that are of very less use. Knitter platform makes it easy by allowing to post these commodities online so that they reach the relevant buyers easily from all over the village.

Assistance related to anything lost.

There are certain situations when villagers may loose their things or a sheep or a cow from the herd goes missing. With the help of knitter they will be able to post any such query to let people know about it instead of knocking at everyone’s door.