Schemes & Policies

The government every now and then gives out a lot of important schemes and policies that help the people of every village extensively. It is very important that all of them are made aware of these schemes so that they’re all benefited equally. While it is difficult to reach out to every person individually, a proper social media platform would help in providing individual attention and would also help in conveying all the necessary news. Knitter provides this feature by giving villagers the privilege to access every kind of information.


All schemes organized on a single platform.

The villagers should be aware of all the schemes and policies, which will benefit their day-to-day way of living. On knitter, all the schemes and policies issued by the government will be organized in a way, which will be easily accessible to all the villages.

Schemes listed in your native languages.

Our platform spreads across to villages all over India. Considering that the native language of every state is different, we intend to provide schemes and policies specific to a particular village in their own colloquial language.


It is very important for the schemes and policies to be in simple understandable language. On Knitter platform, the schemes and policies will be written in simple language.