There are about 6,50,000 villages in India. These villages remain disconnected not just from the existential events from around the world and the surrounding villages, but remain unaware of the affairs relating to their own village. While some people are not very keen, most of them lack access to a proper social media platform. The villages are unaware of even the resourceful information which could benefit them, because of no proper communication platforms. Knitter fulfills this aspect by providing a flexible platform to bring together all the villages into a close-knit community.


Knitter main screen display

This is the view of the main-screen users get to see in the phone application after logging into their account.

New post creating button

The users can create a new post by clicking on this button, which is available on the bottom right corner of the page. The user then has to give an appropriate title and a description and attach a photo from the gallery and post it.

Button for going to the top of the page

The users can go on top of the timeline by just clicking on the button from anywhere on the page.

Adding a favorite village

The users can mark any four villages as their favorite excluding their own village. This can be done by clicking on the star, on the top left corner of the screen.

Viewing other villages

The users can view or search for other villages from the list of all the villages available on the Knitter platform. They users can see all the posts and pages of the village searched.

Create a business page

The users can create a page for their local ventures. This will help the people know about new developments in their own village.