Privacy Policy for Social Media Application called KNITTER

KNITTER is a social media app that focuses on bringing the population of the rural areas together. This privacy policy of KNITTER aims to describe and extrapolate on exactly how the information we glean from the users is collected, stored and shared by KNITTER when you share the personal information with our platform. This consists of apps, websites and other online channels that come under the privacy policy.

These services provided by KNITTER are meant to be utilized by individuals and organizations, adhering all the guidelines and security instructions mentioned herein.

The following privacy policies apply to all the individuals and organizations that utilize the services of KNITTER:

1. Collection of data

KNITTER might collect data in various forms that can be accessible to other users of the platform. Following are the type of data that can be procured by KNITTER when you express your desire to sign up on the platform:

  • Personal details like your complete name and residential address
  • Contact information including your phone number and email address
  • Your geographical information
  • The username and password you choose for the platform
  • Billing information
  • Your correspondences with the other users on the platform
  • All the media including photos, videos, written posts, audios or software files that you deem fit to share with the other users on the platform or the platform itself
  • The time, date, location, etc. of the creation of the file you share through the platform
  • Your work-related information such as work title, the department you work in, name of the organization or firm
  • All the data shared by your network about you in addition to personal messages sent to the other users or the files uploaded by you
  • Feedback, user communications and suggestions sent directly to us by the users
  • The information you share with the support team for the services provided by the platform

Another relevant and crucial data collected by KNITTER is the log and cookie data. The following are the log and cookie data that we collect:

  • The IP addresses
  • Operating system
  • I nternet service provider
  • Browser type
  • Device identifiers
  • Date and time data of your logins or visits
  • Pages visited by you before, during and after the utilization of the services
  • Crash data
  • Data regarding all your activities including the links and pages you’ve visited or clicked
  • Other types of regular server log & cookie data

We might also use pixel tags, cookies, local storage objects, etc. in an automated way to collect further relevant information on behalf of you or your organization. By using our services, you agree to use our technologies including cookies as specified in this privacy policy statement.

Information collected from KNITTER

If you are a registered user on the platform, we might also get information from the other users or your connections on your behalf according to the terms and conditions stated in the policy.

2. Use of information

KNITTER is free to use all the data it collects from the users and their network to improve and develop its services. Such a usage of the data includes the following:

  • To customize your experience with KNITTER of using the platform efficiently for correspondences with the administrators and other users
  • To easily communicate about the changes in the terms & services with the users
  • To boost the safety and security of the services provided by the platform to the users
  • To improve your experience by constantly making new products, services and tools for the users
  • To introduce new and timely upgrades for a better social media performance and experience
  • To provide an enhanced experience across devices used by the same user to boost our services
  • To regularly conduct system and data analytics as well as research to upgrade the users’ experience and the services

The information we collect might also be utilized by us to improve, maintain and operate the infrastructure and systems of the services behind the platform. By registering on the platform and signing up as a user, you are authorizing us to utilize such information for the betterment of your experience and the enhancement of the application. For example, we can use the data we collect of your logs and cookies to fix bugs and identify some other problems that might pose a threat to you and the platform.

3. Information Disclosure

Under certain circumstances, we might disclose the data provided by you. Such circumstances include:

  • In case a third party is involved in providing additional services to our users
  • In case the members of the KNITTER community require information for the betterment of the application or the users’ experience
  • In case you agree to use a third-party application that requires access to your information
  • In cases of promoting the safety of a particular person
  • In order to address various technical or security issues
  • In order to address fraudulent activities
  • In order to protect the rights of the users

4. Security and Safety

The main idea of collecting and storing information by KNITTER app is to ensure high-level security and promote safety for its users across several geographical locations. In cases of suspicious activities or any type of violations of the terms & policies specified herein, we take immediate and strict action. We have a core team of highly skilled engineers to keep a check on such suspicious behavior. Furthermore, we use high technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning and encryption to promote advanced security and safety. To take a simple example, we have deployed automation to detect any kind of abusive content or behavior that might cause problems to any of our users or others.

5. Modification and Access to Your Personal Information

We give you the option to access your personal information at any time as per your needs or convenience. Having said that, you can even edit or delete some information that you have already provided to KNITTER. For example, you can log in to your profile and update your high school or university information.

All the changes in your profile that you initiate will be reflected immediately to the people on your network. However, the backup copies of all the deleted data would be retained by KNITTER in case we require to modify or access your information.

6. Privacy shield and Location of The Data

By availing the best and flawless services, you agree to the privacy policy, which means that you accept the fact that all your information will be safely processed and also stored by us in various geographical locations around the globe on your behalf. For example, if you are from Bihar, your data might be transferred to Germany for the motives as mentioned above in this privacy policy.

7. Third - Party Content and Links

There are services that we have no control over. So, the links to that content can be maintained and stored by a third party. In such cases, we do not hold any responsibility for the practices and activities of the said third parties. Therefore, in this regard, it is recommended that you do not refrain from going through the privacy policies of all the applications and websites that you use, visit or register on.

8. Closing Your Account

In case you wish to close your account permanently or deactivate it temporarily, you may choose to contact us. The support team will help you and guide you through the process and also let you know the time it would take to delete your account or any information therein upon your request. However, you must note that some information provided by you might still be retained by us as a backup copy for a reasonable time. You must also note that all your information will be available to your network until your account is deleted or deactivated.

9. Modifications in The Privacy Policy

This privacy policy might be updated by us regularly from time to time. However, we understand that keeping you updated is essential. Therefore, every single time we update our privacy policy, we send you a separate notification via an email along with the date from which it comes into effect. Furthermore, to make sure that you have read the modified policy, we ask you to agree to it one more time before you log in to the app. Also, we put a date on the newly updated privacy policy so you can keep track of the changes.

10. Contact Us

In case you have any questions or queries about our privacy policy, you can easily contact our administration/support team or us. There are many ways of approaching us. You can either send us an email, call us, or send in a contact form given on our contact us page. We are always happy to answer all your privacy concerns, queries and questions to soothe your anxieties related to the usage, safety, and security of a new app.