Terms of Use for Social Media Application called KNITTER

By the utilization of our KNITTER website or any of the KNITTER applications, you automatically agree to comply with all the below-stated terms of use. All these services are possessed and controlled solely by KNITTER. Your obligations and legal rights will be affected by the following terms of use. We request you not to utilize any of our services if you do not wish to comply or be bound by these terms of use.

Please note that at times, we might also offer a unique or special feature/aspect of our services that might have their own set of terms and conditions. They will be made keeping in mind that there is no conflict with the terms and conditions stated herein this document.

Basic Terms

Some of the basic terms of reference for using KNITTER are as follows:

  • You must be at least 18 years old when you create your account
  • You must not post aggravating, unlawful, hateful posts or posts related to pornography, child abuse, etc.
  • When you make an account on our platform, you are held responsible for all the activities that take place in your account.
  • With your account, you also agree that you will not transfer, sell or assign your account rights, your followers, or your username to anyone with an exception to business accounts that are officially assigned to someone.
  • You cannot create an account for any other person but yourself or your business. In such circumstances, your account will be banned.

General Conditions

Following are the general conditions that you are obligated to if you use the services of KNITTER:

  • We can terminate or modify your access to our platform or our services without notice or any liability to you and for any reason. This can be done at any time. You are, however, free to deactivate your KNITTER account. If we, however, terminate or withhold your access to your account, you will not have any access left to your account or the data therein with respect to the posts, pictures, likes, comments, etc.
  • We can forfeit any username or account for any reason without notice.
  • We also reserve all rights to terminate/stop the access of our services of any user(s) at any time and for any reason
  • On accessing our services, you agree to be responsible for all the data charges that are incurred by you through the use of the services of KNITTER.

Rights of the Users

As a user of KNITTER, you have the following rights:

  • All your posts or the content posted or made public by you on the platform will be yours. You reserve the right to use it according to your whims and wishes. KNITTER owns this content only if we decide to terminate your services at any point in time in the future. You can also choose to refer to the privacy policy in this respect.
  • We are not always liable to identify paid services, commercial communications, sponsored content, etc.

  • The name & logo of KNITTER is the sole owner and trademarks of KNITTER. They may, under no circumstances, be copied either in full or in part. In the same vein, all the Content of KNITTER (on the website, applications, App Store or Google Play Store) is a patent, copyright, and trademark of KNITTER and is thereby protected by all these trademark and copyright laws. As a user of KNITTER, you can absolutely not transmit, perform, distribute, publish, display license, broadcast or sell the KNITTER content.

KNITTER respects the rights of its users and expects you to do the same. We offer the users all the resources and equip them with all the right tools to protect their intellectual property rights so that they can act accordingly in case of infringement. Please also note that if a user is seen infringing on another user’s right to intellectual property, his/her account will be disabled appropriately with the sole discretion of KNITTER with immediate effect.

Liability Limitation

KNITTER will not be held liable for any direct or indirect loss in the form of economic, social, punitive, incidental or any other losses. When you sign up with KNITTER, you agree that you might be waiving off some of your rights with regards to the claims that are at present time unsuspected or unknown. In the context of such waivers, you give us the indication that you have thoroughly read through and understood them and

Complete Agreement

When you use the services of KNITTER, you are representing yourself and your views and not of any other person. In case of a company, you can officially authorize another person to use your KNITTER account. You will not post any content that does not abide by the rules and terms of KNITTER. It is self-explanatory that once you agree to use the SERVICES of KNITTER, you will be required to abide by the terms of use mentioned in this document as well.